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  • jQuery multi level push menu
    Posted in: TUTORIAL

    INTRO This jQuery plugin is inspired by Codrops MultiLevelPushMenu but unlike it not relaying on CSS 3D Transforms and therefore functional in older browsers too (i.e. IE 8). For more detail, please

  • how to find parent host ip from docker container
    How to find the parent host IP from Docker container
    Posted in: TIPS & TRICKS

    Quick and easy way to find out the parent host IP from Docker container. 1. Login to Docker container

    2. Show the parent host IP

  • ubuntu-trusty-14.04-kernel-upgrade
    Upgrade kernel in Ubuntu
    Posted in: LINUX

    Today I need to upgrade my Ubuntu box from kernel 2.6 to 3.13, here are my few notes: 1. Check the current kernel

    2. Update your box


  • Fix GPG error NO_PUBKEY when apt-get update your Ubuntu
    Posted in: LINUX

    Some of you might encounter the following error when $apt-get update your Ubuntu system, like mine:

    To solve it, simple add the missing key

    If any other key

  • [cheerio] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parent’ of undefined
    Posted in: PROGRAMMING

    A beautiful autumn day and my little app threw the error 🙂

    The reason behind the error is that cheerio.load() is called with an empty value like null or