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Speedup your flock browser (applied to firefox too)

I decided to try Flock on my new Ubuntu Karmic installation, which is running beautifully on my old-boy Toshibar R100. And to make it faster, you may try as I did, I bet it will make your flock much faster when browsing

1. In Address bar type about:config . A warning is displayed, just proceed with the button “I’ll be careful, I promise” šŸ˜€

2. In the Filter, type network.http

3. Now, locate the row named network.http.pipelining and double click it to change the value from false to true

4. Do the same to network.http.proxy.pipelining

5. Locate the row named network.http.pipelining.maxrequests ā€“ double click and change the value to 30 or higher (Iā€™m using 40)

6. Restart your Flock and see šŸ™‚

Hopefully that works for you too

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