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Track your Adsense with your Mac OSX Adsense widget

After searching for a while, I found the only Adsense widget that works with MacOSX, it’s MacAdSense (still sometimes it just shows that it couldn’t fetch the data, but anyway, most of the time it works!)

Features (capture from the publisher)

It’s quite simple. MacAdSense shows your AdSense earnings, click
count, eCPM values for the current month, and the extrapolated earnings
for the whole month (by using a very simple rule of three method) on
your dashboard. All values are updated every 20 minutes.

Additional Features:

  • MacAdSense is small, the download is exactly 40 KB “big”.
  • It’s written in PHP so you can read and change the code if you want.
  • It’s published under the GPL license, so after your changes you’re
    allowed to redistribute it.
  • Runs on Intel and PPC Macs.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Intel or PPC)
  • 88 KB free on disk


Let’s take a quick look at this widget:

At the widget’s front side you see the total earnings for the current
month, the time the widget last updated, the number of clicks, the eCPM
value and the extrapolated earnings for the whole month.

At the back side you see the widget’s setting: Your AdSense username
and password. In a future version you’ll be able to give your widget a
unique name or another color to distinguish it from other widgets and to
get the ability to monitor multiple AdSense account.

Go ahead and download it from developer website

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