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Five steps to setup Android Development with Eclipse on Mac OSX

Here’s an installation guide step by step to setup a development environment for Android on my Mac OSX Snow Leopard

1. Install Eclipse

Download Eclipse from , you can choose the Java variation of Eclipse, which is “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (98 MB)”

2. Install Android SDK

Download Android SDK from , I downloaded and extracted it on ~/android-sdk-mac_86

3. Install Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse (ADT)

Inside Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New Software (or Help -> Software Update, choose tab Available Software, click Add Site ..) and add the Repository for ADT

– In the Available Software dialog, select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and click Next
– Next window you will see a list of tools to be downloaded, click Next
– Read & accept the license, click Finish
– Restart Eclipse

4. Configure ADT

Inside Eclipse, go to Eclipse -> Preferences , browse to the Android SDK, click Apply -> OK

5. Start a new Project

Now you can go to File -> New -> Project and choose Android Project

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  1. Chantay Folk

    Hello! I love your blog, but your site fails to display on my Ipad. Can you give me advice? Many thanks! x Chantay Folk

  2. number.0


    Sorry about that, I haven’t got an Ipad to check the site, have checked on Android and things are fine, may be I need to get an Ipad to see what’s going on 🙂 Thanks for reporting

  3. Iman

    Thank you,it really helped me a lot.

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