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Problem with Pinch/Zoom on Firefox 4 & Mac OSX

Firefox 4 has come out, and it’s quite impressive, but for Mac OSX user that do pinch/zoom regularly with the trackpad will find out that it’s not possible anymore. Luckily, there’s a work around to enable that


– Open a new Tab and type in "about:config" (without the quote) in the address bar

– You will be asked to confirm to continue. Do it

– Search for the term "pinch" (without the quote).

– Edit the & pinch.out as followings: cmd_fullZoomReduce cmd_fullZoomReset

browser.gesture.pinch.latched false
browser.gesture.pinch.out cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift cmd_fullZoomReset

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  1. Candace

    Worked for me so I made it small by pinching. Now I can’t get it to zoom again so my blog is so teeny tiny, I can’t read it or work on it. How can I restore to defaults or how can I get old Firefox back now that I deleted it?

  2. Adam Mead

    Pinch to zoom now works better than ever before on Firefox 4 for windows 7 under parallels. Yet it doesn’t work at all in MacOS X ?? WTF GUYS!?

  3. Rick G

    Worked like a charm for me, thanks.

  4. CamM

    This works but the zooming is very jerky, not smooth like in 3.6. By jerky I mean it seems to jump from one zoom to the level by a large increment (say 10% level jump). Before it zoomed at very small changes so it looked smooth and not jerky.

  5. Sri

    doesnt work mate..Im on snow leopard

    • number.0

      @Sri: I did that on Snow Leopard and Lion and those tricks worked, many others confirmed too, have u tried it again!

      • red

        actually i do try it several time but no ide why ins’t working on mac os x

        • red

          Ok finally i got it working first of all the problem was i was copy pasting from a web that which character are not accpeted by about:config
          the y tried writting them but din0t also work so i tried copy pasting another webpage and worked like a charm just change

          150 value for 30 and it will be smoother

  6. pbarnes171


    You can set browser.gesture.pinch.threshold to a lover number, but if you set it too low you’ll pinch in at superspeed. I like it at about 40.

  7. Dia

    Wow bless… worked for me… Thank you!

  8. cayenarama

    I’m afraid it hasn’t worked at all for me. I’ve got a macbook with Lion installed later.

  9. John

    Worked wonderfully on my air, mountain lion! Thanks a bunch!

  10. Adam & Steve

    Thank you!! This worked for me on Max OSX 10.8

    Although zooming in and out isnt too smooth. However it works so that’s a good thing! 😀

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