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How to install Java SE 6 Runtime on Mac OSX Lion Developer Preview

Mac OSX Lion 10.7 drops out Java, and for that you need to download & install separately

For any of you that are looking for the link, here it is, but you need to register as an ADC member

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  1. macguitarman

    Very easy to get Java installed on Lion

    Go to the Terminal


    java -version

    You get a message saying Java is not installed, Installing Java.

    Dialogue box comes up, Click Install.

    You get (build 1.6.0_26-b03-383-11A511) installed.

    • BadCop

      Awesome advice… thanks!!

  2. Jeffcan

    This was hard to find and works a treat.

    thanks you are a lifesaver.

  3. Eyerly

    all i get after “finding software” is “The software is currently unavailable.”

  4. mike

    please help somebody. I have upgraded to Lion and have installed java. when i try my charting package (via firefox , this charting package used to work on leapard) i get “TO USE THIS APPLET YOU NEED TO ENABLE JAVA PLUG IN”

    If i look in Java preferences i see the enable applet plug in check box is ticked.

    stumped now

  5. zant

    it says that I’m not connected to the internet , but iam . then when i diagnose connectivity , it says that there is not problem !!!! weird

    • javacityusa

      Mine is doing the same as zant…I’m connected but it won’t download javascript.

      • Kent

        I am having the same message as zant. Does anyone have the solution?

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