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Firewall on Mac OSX Lion


Similar to Snow Leopard, it’s easy to turn on the firewall in Lion


1. Open System Preference (either from Menu or Dock)



2. Choose Security & Privacy



3. Click FIrewall Tab. By default, the firewall is turn off


4. Click on the lock icon on bottom left corner to get access




5. Enter your name & password



6. Now the START button is enabled, you can click to start the firewall



7. When being active, the firewall will check for application that request connection, and ask you to allo or deny it.


8. You can add/remove program for the firewall in the advanced option



9. Well done, now your computer is perfectly protected

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  1. JT

    I am no security expert, but isn’t this a problem? Isn’t this what Microsoft got burned on in XP. Wasn’t the whole point of SP2 to correct the default behavior of the firewall so that it was on automatically? Shouldn’t there be more noise and flag waving about this? Best practices seem to suggest that the software firewall ought to be on by default. Steve Gibson from the Security Now podcast would likely agree.

  2. Mike

    I agree with JT. It’s insane to leave the FW off on default. If you are worried that unexperienced users might be confused well, it’s time they learned what a FW is for!

  3. Jay

    Doesn’t work for me. I cannot add java to the list, because doesn’t let me navigate any deeper than /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines. Any ideas?

  4. Frank Recht

    While Time Cook is gloating about how many iPads have
    been sold, OS X is delivered with the firewall set to OFF by default.

    This is the last Apple machine I will ever spend MY money to buy. It is over, and I am switching to Linux.

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