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Ten best Chrome extensions for Web Developer

As a web developer, and a Chrome user, you will find the following ten best Chrome extensions to help you a lot when working


1. Firebug Lite:


Firebug Lite is not a substitute for Firebug, or Chrome Developer Tools. It is a tool to be used in conjunction with these tools. Firebug Lite provides the rich visual representation we are used to see in Firebug when it comes to HTML elements, DOM elements, and Box Model shading. It provides also some cool features like inspecting HTML elemements with your mouse, and live editing CSS properties.


2. IE Tab


Use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a Chrome tab. Some sites can only be displayed using IE, and with this extension you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome. Great for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine, users who use sites with ActiveX controls, and users who want to use the explorer view for local files (i.e. file:// URLs).

3. Aviary Screen Capture


This quick screen capture addon (codename: Talon) is a must-have for bloggers and designers alike! It will perform a screen capture of the visible portion of any webpage and then open the capture INSTANTLY in a basic image editor where you can do markup (draw arrows and rectangles), edit (crop, rotate and resize) and get the exact pixel colors of the image. A perfect companion tool for designers and bloggers!


4. Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is extension for Google Chrome and Chromium. It allows you to pick color from any webpage or from advanced color picker. It is great tool for web developers.


5. Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a tool to help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications. It visualizes metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside of the browser and analyzes them as your application runs.

Using Speed Tracer you are able to get a better picture of where time is being spent in your application. This includes problems caused by:

  * Javascript parsing and execution
  * Layout
  * CSS style recalculation and selector matching
  * DOM Event handling
  * Network resource loading
  * Timer fires
  * XMLHttpRequest callbacks
  * Painting
  * and more …



6. Resolution Test

Resolution Test changes the size of the browser window for developers to preview their websites in different screen resolutions. It includes a list of commonly used resolutions and the ability to customise that list. It also gives users the option to turn on Google Browser Size


7. Snippy

Snippy allows you to grab snippets of web pages, save them for future use and upload them to Google Docs.

Snippy capture rich contents and preserves formatting, so you can capture paragraphs, images, links and more.

Snippy saves the captured snippets on your browser. If you want, you can decide to upload them Google Docs, or SnipBin (, to have them available even outside of Chrome, edit and share them with your friends.


8. MeasureIt!

Draw out a ruler that will help you get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.

Measure it!



9. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Chrome Extension that generates random "Lorem Ipsum" text.

It uses a minimalist and well looking design.

Many other extensions of this type – in other browsers – simply complicate this task, using really extensive code, XHR, etc. The main purpose of this one, is to use the less amount of code (and also memory) and help the developer/user to get the job done.


10. Domain Availability Checker & Whois Lookup

This extension checks the availability of a domain name. What’s the point of going to another page when you can check it from your toolbar. It fully supports IDN Domains encrypted with PunyCode for safe transmission.


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