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How to add RHEL DVD as Repository

I’m planning to try out RHEL for one of my Domino project because the customer wants it. So, it’s a good chance to learn a new distribution because my knowledge is limited with Ubuntu, Debian and a little with Slackware.


I tried RHEL 6.1 on VirtualBox and haven’t got the networking to work yet,  not having the time to figure it out yet, but what I learnt today is how to add the Red Hat DVD as a repository to install package.


1. Go to /etc/yum.repos.d/


2. Create a new file, named it rhel-dvd.repo


3. Enter the following content








Notes: replace the baseurl with the actual folder where you mount your DVD, it dit it with this command


mount /dev/cdrom /media/RHEL


4. Cleaning the cache


yum clean all


5. Done, you can now install package from the command with yum

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  1. Siv

    Hi, thanks for this, first time intanllisg CentOS (always been Ubuntu up til now, wanted to try something else). Ran into this problem. installed 3.6 as above via network. 30Mb line. Not too slow at all

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