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  • curl: (35) SSL connect error
    Posted in: TIPS & TRICKS

    PROBLEM Ok, I am trying to install DigitalOcean Agent on my Centos 6.6 box as their instruction

    And immediately get the error

    SOLUTION We need to update the

  • How to get HTML source code with PHP

    Sometimes you may want to get the source code of an external HTML webpage. Well, here is the solution that might work in almost every cases

  • Simultaneuos HTTP requests in PHP with cURL
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    The basic idea of a Web 2.0-style “mashup” is that you consume data from several services, often from different providers and combine them in interesting ways. This means you often need to do more than one HTTP request to a service or services. In PHP if you use something like file_get_contents() this means all the requests will be synchronous: a new one is fired only after the previous has completed. If you need to make three HTTP requests and each call takes a second, your app is delayed at least three seconds.