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  • ubuntu-trusty-14.04-kernel-upgrade
    Upgrade kernel in Ubuntu
    Posted in: LINUX

    Today I need to upgrade my Ubuntu box from kernel 2.6 to 3.13, here are my few notes: 1. Check the current kernel

    2. Update your box


  • Fix GPG error NO_PUBKEY when apt-get update your Ubuntu
    Posted in: LINUX

    Some of you might encounter the following error when $apt-get update your Ubuntu system, like mine:

    To solve it, simple add the missing key

    If any other key

  • Thunderbird 5.0 in Ubuntu
    Posted in: NEWS, LINUX

    Mozilla has skipped version 4 and introduced Thunderbird 5.0 Final at last. You can find more information and download from its homepage Thunderbird is a free email application that’s